Defining your corporate identity

As marketing consultants in Malta, we at Strategic Communications are frequently involved in creating the corporate visual identity of new companies. It is however necessary to highlight how, creating the corporate identity of a company, goes well beyond the design of an attractive logo or set of stationery, as this is only the first step in communicating who you are to the public.

Your corporate identity coincides with the values and principles forming the backbone of your company. These values and principles are influenced by the environment in which you operate and have an impact on the way you deal with the public and your employees. One of the most important steps in creating your corporate identity is therefore the creation of a set of values.

However, once you set your values, you have to make sure of “walking the talk”. What do we mean in this case for “walking the talk”? Let’s make a practical example. If among the founding values of your company you have included the development of the human resources, then you have to make sure that your everyday practices at work are aimed at the professional and personal growth of your employees. Failing to “walk the talk” in this case, would make you loose your credibility with your employees and the public.

The ultimate goal for every company, is therefore to create a credible corporate identity and live by the values behind it.

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