Strategic Communications launches QR code advertising in Malta

Strategic Communications is proud to announce the introduction of Quick Response (QR) codes to its clients’ advertising campaigns. QR codes consist of modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background, which can be read by any Smartphone with a QR code reader application, downloadable for free from the internet. QR codes containing addresses and URLs may be placed in magazines, on billboards, buses, mugs, business cards, or on any other item. Users with a camera phone equipped with the correct reader application can scan the QR code to display text, contact information, or open a web page in the phone’s browser. QR codes were created in Japan by the Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994 and their use in advertising has been rapidly growing all around the world.

Strategic Communications has introduced QR codes to Malta, as part of Estetika’s new CO2 laser promotional campaign.

“This is a first and major breakthrough for the Maltese advertising industry”, says Strategic Communications owner and director Dott. Fabio Giangolini. “Our clients can now rely on a powerful marketing tool which adds a completely new dimension to their campaigns, making them interactive. By introducing QR codes to Malta, we are literally bringing down the boundaries which separate different types of media. Our clients can now insert QR codes in their advertisements. These codes can be used to redirect readers’ mobiles onto their corporate website or show their latest TV advert directly on the readers’ Smartphones”, declares Dott. Giangolini. “With the number of Smartphones in Malta on the rise, I am confident that companies will recognize the advantages of embedding QR codes in their advertisements.”

The first advertisement featuring a QR code, will appear in “Tune In” on March 27. A second one will be published in the April 3 edition of the “Sunday Circle”.

To have an immediate demonstration of how QR codes work, log on with your Smartphone to and download the QR code application. Open the application reader by pointing your phone’s camera at the QR code in this page and you will be able to watch a promotional video directly on your Smartphone!

For further information on how to integrate QR codes in your advertising campaigns, please feel free to contact us.


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