The man who gave up one metre from success

A long time ago, a man left his house in Maryland (USA) to reach California, with one idea on his mind: find a gold vein and get rich. After having arrived at his destination, equipped with a shovel and a pickaxe, the man started digging. Following a few weeks of hard work, the man finally found the precious mineral, but soon realized that he needed expensive machinery to extract it. He went back home and informed his closest relatives about the discovery, who pooled in money to buy the machines he required for the mineral’s extraction. For several months business went well: the break-even point was reached and the man eventually started gaining considerable profit. His luck changed the day the vein of gold finished. In the following weeks he kept on digging, hoping to find the vein again, but he eventually gave up. He sold the machines for a few hundred dollars to a second-hand dealer and headed back home by train.

The second-hand dealer decided to engage the services of a mineral engineer who, after having studied the area where the gold vein was initially found, concluded that the project had failed because the mine’s owner ignored the “fault line”. According to the engineer’s calculation, had the excavation continued, the previous owner would have found a new gold vein exactly one metre from where he gave up digging! When the second hand-dealer started the excavations, he discovered the new gold vein exactly where the engineer told he would have found it. The second-hand dealer became a millionaire just because he had decided to engage the services of a specialized professional!

So… what does this anecdote teach us? You may know how to start up and manage a business but, in a small and competitive market such as Malta, you may find yourself short of ideas on how effectively reach and retain your customers and, lost and discouraged, decide to give up. Lets’ admit it: too many times we have seen businesses open and close within a few months. Many entrepreneurs may have done exactly like the man in the story, stopping one metre from success only because they never asked for the help of specialized personnel. This is especially true in the case of advertising, particularly in the case of planning effective strategies to reach customers through social media and mobile phones, where companies expect an immediate return of investments from their campaigns.

This is when the assistance of a specialized service provider is required the most! On Friday 4th May, Strategic Communications is organizing a half day course on the effective use of mobile marketing. We will analyze international case studies, I-phone specific marketing, and teach you how to creatively and effectively use the most personal and pervasive advertising platform on the planet: your mobile phone! For further information and to register, please visit

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