Understanding mobile marketing and corporate public relations

Article originally published in The Malta Independent on Sunday on April 22nd, 2012.

In our real time communication age, one of the most effective communication platforms is undoubtedly the mobile phone. Once used to simply send and receive calls and SMSes, our mobiles have gradually evolved into multimedia tools, allowing us to access all sorts of information with a simple touch. Since smartphones are a pervasive presence in our everyday life, it just seemed natural for marketing professionals to explore the possibility of using them as advertising channels.

“Understanding Mobile Marketing” is the title of a half day course which will be held on Friday 4th May in Birzebbugga by Italian marketing and public relations professional Dott. Fabio Giangolini. After an introduction to the various possibilities available in the field of mobile marketing, a series of international case studies explaining how various companies have used smartphones to creatively engage and retain their target audience will be presented. The course will also focus on how to build mobile-friendly websites and optimize them for search engines.

“Mobile marketing, however, cannot function on its own – explains Dott. Giangolini – that is why the course will also focus on the importance of integrating mobile phones and traditional media into a coherent campaign.” Apart from describing how to effectively use mobile phones in advertising, the course will also highlight how the bad practice of sending out unwanted SMSes can become a real double-edged sword, with serious implications on a company’s corporate image.

The management of a company’s public relations function is the subject of “Managing your company’s corporate image”, another course which will be held on Friday 11th May by Dott. Giangolini. The course will specifically target those involved in PR, and will analyze PR at all levels, providing the participants with tips on how to write an effective press release and disseminate it to the media, how to handle crisis from a PR point of view and deal with enquiries from the media. The course will also provide practical examples of bad PR practices through the analysis of case studies.

Dott. Fabio Giangolini, is a Marketing and Communications graduate from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and a freelance journalist who has written numerous articles for the Italian and Maltese media, also collaborating with the Armed Forces of Malta’s Public Information Cell. After having set up and managed the marketing and PR offices of various local companies, in 2009 he started Strategic Communications, an advertising and PR agency with international clients and ramifications. For a complete list of topics covered by both courses and to register please visit https://www.strategicmalta.com/training.


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