Case studies: NCDV and Mercedes-Benz interactive campaigns

Following a half day course on mobile marketing held by Strategic Communications on the 4th of May, this week we would like to focus on creative ways of using mobile advertising. We will do so by featuring two interesting examples taken from the worldwide web, which also show how to create interaction between different media platforms. These videos will hopefully give ideas to all those marketing managers in Malta who are willing to consider the inclusion of mobile media advertising in their marketing plans.


National Centre for Domestic Violence

The UK National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) has created a campaign called “Drag Him Away” that urges smartphone users to send an SMS to stop the berating of a woman through an interactive video showing on a billboard. After an SMS is sent to a number shown on the billboard, the man is dragged away across multiple billboards and a message that reads, “An injunction will put distance between a victim and their abuser” appears on the screen.



Marie is a fictional character in the Mercedes-Benz “Escape the Map” challenge who needs help from viewers to “escape” out of Google Maps’ Street View.

This video shows Marie trapped inside a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe in Google Street View. Her face is blurred, just like the faces seen in Google Maps Street, and the video asks people to participate in interactive online challenges to help Marie, who will also unveil her blurred face. Viewers who participate also get a chance to win a C-Class coupe, in addition to receiving a phone call from Marie thanking them for their help.

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