How to avoid having your company page cancelled by Facebook

Nowadays, anyone with the capacity of posting status updates or tweets on social media websites, seems to sell himself or herself as a social media guru, SEO expert or internet visionary (just to name a few adjectives these “marketing consultants” like to use to promote themselves on LinkedIn and Facebook).

The reality is that using the services of individuals who are simple enthusiasts might have serious repercussions on your business.
But how can you tell the professional from the amateur? Academic titles apart, the easiest way to recognise one of these “experts” is to look at their social media pages or those of the clients they manage. If they run a competition directly on their page, then you can rest assured that they are far from being the experts they proclaim to be.

Facebook actually forbids the running of competitions directly on corporate pages. For instance, you cannot make people like your page to enter a competition, or require people to like a status or post a photo on your wall to be eligible to win. Another way to have your page removed is to use your cover photo as an advertising space (and we see this done a lot by Maltese companies).
Our advice is therefore to employ acknowledged professionals only. One or two hours of paid consultation delivered by a qualified expert, will definitely answer many of your questions about social media campaigning.

If you would like to start getting the right bearings on how to promote your business successfully on Facebook, you can contact us on or call on 27807189: we will be happy to provide you with the most cost effective solutions.
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