Don’t be a social media zombie!

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4625732_5138083_lzHey, isn’t it great we’re in the Digital Age? The Internet. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Gazillions of people putting their credentials and contacts on social networks, taking all the sport out of new lead acquisition. Right?

I mean, think about it: No more cold-calling. Forget walking miles down rows of cheesy display booths at tradeshows. And remember billboards?

So awesome! We’ve finally discovered Nirvana! All of our prospects are just hangin’ out there on the Web, waiting to be plucked by us savvy marketers via social marketing!

So why do I feel like I’m a zombie on The Walking Dead, looking for fresh blood while shambling aimlessly through crumbled cities and barren forests of desiccated prospects—in the meantime getting a crossbow bolt shot through my eye by some digital media-savvy competitor?

Yeah, social networking is great, but it’s more Pandora’s Box than panacea. Open the wrong door and hungry zombies will be over you like cockroaches on last week’s dinner. If you want to survive in the social media sales and marketing jungle, I’ve got five handy tips to make sure your social efforts don’t look like walking corpses.

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