Facebook and Twitter: to share or not to share?

We all agree about the fact that sharing the same content on social media a number of times might be seen by our followers as annoying spam and cause them to unlike our page, but certain instances exist when this technique comes in handy.

– Achieve more exposure: sharing content more than once with a different angle each time, helps you drive more traffic towards your page. Just try not to do share the same post more than once daily.

– Time Zones: if you are into reaching a worldwide audience, re-posting the same content will expose your post to users living in different time zones. Facebook insights can help you segment your audience according to the time zone.

– Old becomes new: your new followers may have not read some of your old articles, so there is no harm in periodically sharing them. The Twitter counter will provide you with data about your audience’s growth, indicating when it is the right time to repost.

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