A documentary on the Marsa open centre

Strategic Communications has been entrusted by the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (FSM) with the production of a documentary about the Marsa open centre.

Since 2010 FSM has been given the responsibility by the Maltese government to run and manage the funds allocated for the centre. Since then the centre went through a thorough transformation, which is unbeknown to the Maltese public. “After a meeting with FSM chairman Dr Ahmed Bugre, I decided that the story of the centre was one worth telling”, says Strategic Communications Director Dott. Fabio Giangolini. “The next step was to sit down with Dr Bugre and find out what the major milestones for the centre have been and include them in the script we created.”

As shown in the documentary, upon taking up the responsibility of running the premises, FSM was faced with a number of issues which needed immediate and steadfast attention. These included the poor conditions of the residents’ living quarters and toilets. “The documentary was filmed over a period of a year and our crew witnessed some of the transformations described in it”, says Dott. Giangolini.

“In the end we were all deeply touched by the commitment of Dr Bugre and his staff toward the welfare of the residents, and we hope that this video will be testament to their hard work.” The documentary has been split into two parts, which focus on the past and the present of the Marsa open centre respectively. It can be watched on FSM’s official You Tube channel as well as on FSM’s website. A 12 minutes edit of the documentary can be watched on this page.

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