Toyota’s “hyper-targeted” ads know what you liked on Facebook

Have you ever wondered how deep advertisers can dig into your Facebook profile in order to serve you tailor made advertisements? Toyota and Saatch & Saatchi LA have created over 100 variations of the same video. The advert varies according to the hobbies and interests that we have listed on our Facebook user profile. So tech lovers will see a version with a copy stating:

“You’ll appreciate the all-new RAV4 Hybrid’s available Integrated Navigation system. James does.”

If you have base jumping or scuba diving as one of your listed hobbies you may get the following:

“With 194 net hp in the all-new RAV4 Hybrid, getting to your next adventure is half the fun.”

If you are a shopaholic you will see a version of the advert saying:

“If you’ve got style, you must love shopping. It’s really the only way to get new clothes.”

The possibilities do not end here, as this new form of audience targeting (called “hyper-targeting”) can also tap into the pages that you liked, in order to build your customer identikit and serve you with the advertisement that is closest to your personal taste.

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