Moving Away from Celebrity Endorsement Marketing

The value of online brand advocacy lies in the power of enlisting as brand ambassadors everyday people who are a credible source of information. These individuals usually have a large number of connections, and are recognized as opinion leaders and a trusted source of information about specific products or categories. They differ from bloggers and celebrities as they are not paid to endorse a product, and they are engaged purely as the result of effective customer care practices and product or service excellence.

Their online interactions include discussing among friends, or commenting on a brand’s social media channel or on an online group. Influencers may not have millions of followers like celebrities do, but they surely possess something that the latter lack: credibility. This credibility comes from the fact that influencers are known personally by the majority of their connections, and they are not paid in order to publicize a brand. Their discussions create a buzz about your brand, which can be considered as the digital version of the classic word of mouth.

Data from the influencer marketing platform MuseFind show that 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than a traditional celebrity endorsement.

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