4th June Training: Corporate Public Relations

When: Monday 4th June, 09:00 – 13:00

Where: Strategic Communications, 21-22 Wesgħet il-Vittmi tal-Gwerra, Luqa

A company communicates not only by means of the adverts and press releases appearing in the media, but also through its actions and the way it addresses its internal and external public. Matching your corporate identity with your corporate image may sometimes be difficult. In addition the spokesperson of an organisation must be able to act swiftly to contain negative exposure in social media, as well as deal effectively with requests from journalists.

Our course aims at exploring how effective public relations can help an organisation maintain its visibility in the media and tackle a crisis whenever and wherever it may occur.

Topics Covered

– The PR function in an organisation;

– Recognising news value in a story;

– Critical factors in the publication of a press release;

– Recognising occasions for generating positive exposure;

– Understanding how to liaise with the media to organise a press launch;

– Assembling the media kit for the press launch;

– Crisis communication: international and local case studies;

– Standard operating procedures for managing a crisis;

– Limiting the damages from bad exposure in the media;

– Recognising risk factors inside an organisation which could lead to a crisis and identifying ways of preventing them;

– Effective techniques to deal with media enquiries;

– Evaluation of PR activities;

– Public affairs in the EU;

– Practical exercise;

Price: €118 incl. VAT

Send an email to fabio.giangolini@strategicmalta.com to reserve your seat.

The Lecturer

The course is delivered by Dott. Fabio Giangolini, (B. Comm. Hons, MA Marketing Management Universita’ di Roma “La Sapienza”) who has been active in the field of journalism for the past 18 years. He is currently the editor of the world news and special operations sections of the Italian military magazine “Combat Arms” (CAFF Editrice) and collaborates with international media organisations such as BBC and RAI in covering events in Malta. As a PR professional he supports companies such as Facebook and Western Union to obtain media exposure for their events in Malta.

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