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Strategic Communications is an international marketing, advertising and PR agency with offices in Malta and Rome. The pool of clients and range of services offered has steadily increased since the firm’s inception in 2009, and the agency today handles clients in diverse sectors.

Strategic Communications is headed by Dott. Fabio Giangolini, an Italian marketing professional and journalist, who has an extensive technical foundation in marketing coupled with proficiency in the practical application of his skills both in Malta and Italy.

Dott. Giangolini is a trainer on digital branding and social media strategies at MISCO, a marketing lecturer for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and for the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), and a business advisor for Malta Enterprise’s clients.

He is also active in the field of journalism, and he is currently the editor of the world news and special operations sections of the Italian military magazine “Combat Arms” (CAFF Editrice). His articles have been included in the library of the Centre for Advanced Defence Studies (in Italian: Centro Alti Studi per la Difesa – CASD) of the Italian Ministry of Defence.

He has published his works in the Maltese media (Sunday Circle,  On Parade, Timesofmalta.com), and has been interviewed several times by Television Malta News on military subjects.

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Agency’s Major Attainments

– March 2017: Strategic Communications has been entrusted by Facebook with organizing the media coverage for their first official Boost Your Business event in Malta. 

– March 2017: Strategic Communications is entrusted by Facebook with organizing the media coverage for the launch of AMBER Alert in Malta.

– December 2015: in excess of 200 human resources personnel trained in digital marketing strategies in 2015.

– November 2015: branding and website for the Third Country National Support Network.

– October 2015: promotion for the launch of the Malta Maritime Forum.

– September 2015: launch of a new website for Delta Container Services.

– July 2015: promotional video for Blue Border Holdings.

– July 2015: rebranding of England Insurance Agency.

– June 2015: launch of a documentary on the Marsa Open Centre.

– April 2015: launch of a new website for Blue Border Holdings.

– March 2015: launch of a new website for the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants.

– January 2014: writing of a “Public Relations and Media Communication Standard Operating Procedure Manual” for the PR Office of Finance Malta.

– December 2013: study commissioned by the Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro (CGIL, Italian General Confederation of Labour) for the possible market repositioning of the Sindacato Pensionati Italiani (SPI, Italian Pensioners Union).

– September 2013: organization of public relations and service promotion activities for Blue Border Holdings at the Monaco Yacht Show, Monte Carlo.

– June 2013 to date: provision of training services on digital branding and social media marketing to MISCO clients.

– April 2012: PR campaign for the launch of a national vaccination campaign against the canine sandfly disease.

– February 2012: creation of copy and design for a brochure publicizing the Armed Forces of Malta’s Rapid Deployment Team, now Rapid Deployment Platoon.

– July 2011: training course for INSEEC Business School of Paris in public relations and mobile marketing.

– March 2011: we introduced the use of QR codes to Malta and were therefore the first advertising agency to deploy them in an advertising campaign for a client. All other local companies followed suit.

– August 2010: PR campaign for the launch of the Malta Shortsea Promotion Centre (MSPC) of Transport Malta



In 2012 Strategic Communications was designated sole representative for Italian marketing and business consultancy firm Studio Perrone in Malta. Other partnerships also include Mazzei Hub (Rome), Miller und Meier (Berlin) and Mastermind Consulting (Vienna). Strategic Communications represents Malta in the Public Affairs Community of Europe (PACE).

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