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Former Lazio football club first-team Doctor Roberto Postacchini has commissioned Strategic Communications with the design and development of his website. Based in Rome, Dott. Postacchini is an orthopaedic surgeon specialized in the treatment of conditions affecting the shoulders. “My website – explains Dott. Postacchini – “aims at providing visitors with an overview of the commonest problems affecting the shoulders and describes, through the use of videos and animations, the specialized surgical procedures which can be performed on this specific joint.” Dott. Postacchini added that “it was necessary to develop a website that was capable of conveying all the information which I needed to include in a clear manner. I am glad to say that Strategic Communications’ professional approach facilitated the process of content organization and presentation”.

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Palazzo Preca Restaurant  is owned and directed by Head Chef Ramona Preca, and is located in the 16th century palazzo in Strait Street which used to house Labyrinth. Palazzo Preca opened its doors to patrons in November 2011, and quickly gained a reputation for exquisite food and outstanding service. Palazzo Preca is consistently rated as the top restaurant in Valletta by Trip Advisors’ reviewers, which earned the restaurant a certificate of excellence in 2012.

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Prof. Roberto Postacchini is an Italian orthopaedic surgeon from the city of Rome, who specialises in treating a number of pathologies affecting shoulders, knees, elbows and hands. He is also specialised in treating injuries resulting from sports activities. 

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blue_borderBlue Border Holdings is a Private Security Company (PSC) specializing in land and maritime security services, medical & political evacuation, risk analysis and training. Blue Border Holdings operates at the highest end of the ethical spectrum for private security companies. Blue Border Holdings provides armed escorts for vessels transiting high-risk areas, as well as close protection services.

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