Corporate Communications & PR

Strategic Communications will create or provide support to the client’s public relations strategy, by means of devising a PR plan which include schedules for appearances in the media (press, TV, radio).

The whole strategy will be based on three fundamental pillars: WHAT, WHEN and HOW to communicate. The aim of the PR strategy will be to maximize the client’s exposure whilst minimizing costs.

The PR services available are:

– Building and execution of PR campaigns: analysis of the media environment and communication channels available; analysis of the message and preparation of press releases for dissemination, followed by monitoring of the media;

– Organization of press conferences: selection and booking of venues and issuing of press calls. Follow-up with the media, preparation of press packs and dissemination of event PR to attending and non-attending members of the press;

– Monitoring of newspapers: daily review of local newspapers, accompanied by written reports on business-related news items.

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