Strategic Communications will support its clients during the delicate phases of a product or service launch or execution of a campaign, by means of devising successful communications strategies through a cost-effective marketing plan, which will include the presentation of the product or service and its introduction onto the market. Strategic Communications can also carry out market researches aimed at establishing the company or product positioning with respect to the market and competition.

The advertising services available are:

– Campaign planning, strategy and coordination: product or service analysis aimed at establishing its USPs and strategic planning of the media campaign with the aim of achieving market penetration. When choosing media, our decision- making process is based on an objective media analysis and experience;

– Brand development and graphic design services: brand development and production of artwork for printed or digital media. This type of service includes, but it is not limited to, packaging, development of CI manuals, audio-visual productions, conceptualization and design for stands, vehicle wrapping, branded merchandising and stationery;

– Market research on national and international markets: execution of an ample array of market research projects, including, but not limited to, qualitative and quantitative analyses and mystery shopping. We also carry out exploratory studies in order to asses the feasibility of investments in foreign markets;

– Consultancy for marketing and PR department start-up: assessment of the client’s requirements for establishing in-house marketing and PR department standard operating procedures, based on the company’s objectives, needs, and identified priorities. Strategic Communications also provides follow-up, evaluation and further development of the department.

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