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How to Plan a Successful Social Media Campaign

Many companies decide to enter the social media arena without having a clear idea of what they want to communicate, how and to whom.  A number of critical mistakes can be committed during the planning stage of a social media campaign and this can lead to wasting time and have a negative impact on your return of investment.

Down with the assumptions

Just because “everyone is on Facebook” this doesn’t mean that your company should focus its efforts exclusively on this social media! Start by analysing your audience in order to understand what social media channels they are using. You may find out that many clients are already engaging with other brands on Instagram or even Twitter. If you are a B2B organization, consider focusing most of your efforts on LinkedIn and use Facebook exclusively to generate brand awareness and to publish your vacancies.

Plan your content

Now that you have decided which social media channels you will use, it is time to understand how you are going to engage with your audience. Articles, infographics, social videos and photos can have a different degree of effectiveness, depending on the audience and the channel. It is a good idea to experiment, in order to measure the level of engagement derived from each tactic and then focus on the most effective in terms of engagement.

Different strategies for different channels

Differentiate as much as possible the content from one social platform to the other. After all, why should people follow you on Instagram too if you are duplicating the same content of your Facebook page?

Get the knowledge you need and stay up to date

Social media is a fast-paced and ever changing environment. We are organizing a four hour intensive training session this June, in order to inform you about the latest trends, strategies and tactics to successfully engage with your audience.

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2018 Social Media Trends for Malta

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