Sales Team Leadership and Coordination

The sales team represents the “tip of the spear” of any business-oriented organization. When it comes to the sale of a product or service, the sales office represent the driving force behind the accomplishment of a company’s objectives.

In a highly competitive environment, sales directors must rise to the challenge of effectively and efficiently managing the technical, financial and human resources entrusted to them.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at managers responsible for supervising  and developing sales of an organization.


– Facilitating the communication and interaction with other managers within the organization as well as with one’s marketing and sales team;

– Developing a dynamic and effective leadership style;

 – Learning management, control and organizational techniques applied to sales targets;


– Introduction to core concepts

– The importance of internal communication as a management tool

– Management styles

– Effective communication techniques

– The manager in action

– Managerial interaction

– Self evaluation test about own managerial style

– Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid

– Example or real life scenarios

– Introduction to public speaking

– Organizing and managing operational meetings

– Analysis of examples of public speaking

– Non verbal communication techniques

– Listening techniques

– Focus group on learnt techniques Individual role play of the manager in action

– Examples of real- life scenarios from participants

– Final evaluation test


Duration and extent of the course may vary according to the client’s needs.

Contact us for further information about the course.


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